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We’re Open: In Studio & Online (live & recorded)

See Schedule for classes marked Studio (limit 7 students) & Online (unlimited). You must register online in advance for all classes. All classes will be live streamed for online option and available 24/7 as recorded videos accessible on the schedule for any unlimited pass holder.

***Masks & social distance are require for all in person classes***

TO REGISTER for class you can 1) “Sign up & pay” for class on our Schedule page, 2) Create an Acct or Login to purchase passes & register for class, or 3) Purchase passes for yourself or as Gifts on our Rates page.

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Please help keep our doors open!

We are struggling to stay open with a limit of 7 students per class in studio after being closed for 8 of the past 11 months. If you have the means please donate any amount below, take a class or purchase a class pass on our Rates page. Thank you!❤️


FALL 2021: Aug 28th – Oct 24th 

8 Weekends and 4 Thursday 7:30-9:30pm sessions 

Reawaken your intentions. Dust off 2020.
The goal of this practice & this training is to extend savasana (samadhi) into and throughout your day. No, we may not be able to lounge quietly in silence but we are able to remain liberated from external, superficial stimuli and more closely connected to our true self and the things we value deeply like friends, family, self care and nurturing our soul. So come uncover your true self and nurture it.
What would happen if you spent 200 on YOU? Register now & find out.
        See Teacher Training Page to register, see schedule & get more information. with questions.

The Couple Poses That Will Change Your Life

If you’ve been to my class you’ve heard it before: Follow what feels good, what gets you to breathe. It’s more important than it sounds. It’s learning to listen to your body and understanding what it really needs and what supports it.

In the first few years I practiced yoga I would consistently start moving my mat and think “this feels good”. And then I’d go to work and think “this feels horrible”. In fact, at that point in my life what I was really thinking was “I’d rather be hit by a bus than go to work”. Then I’d land in savasana and think, “I feel love and I feel supported and nurtured”. And at that time I’d go home and think “meh” or be met with questions from friends as to why I was spending so much time on yoga (me).

It took me at least a year or so to figure out how to get my legs above my head for a “handstand” and another year to coordinate some semblance of side crow. In finding flight, even if some days meant landing on my face or my ass, I could feel there was so much more I was capable of. The seemingly impossible felt possible. So when my old, and last!, boss told me I couldn’t teach yoga and practice law on my own, I already knew it was possible and I quit that job right then and there.

When I decided on respecting myself and my ex enough to get divorced 9 years ago I was drawn to the more powerful poses like warrior II that invited and allowed me brief moments to embody confidence and strength, to regain my focus and intention. If I practiced these poses enough during the week I was able to stitch together moments in my day where I could conjure the same empowered and courageous self.

Then several years ago I found camel. Not the one I struggled in for years to find breath and support for my low back while I fought off the urge to throw up and kill the teacher in. The actual heart opener, the throat opener, the comfort in being so incredibly vulnerable and willing to allow my body to feel whatever was in that heart of mine. The scary as hell
camel that attempts to keep my tough love character and logically driven brain in check. The one that has trained my body, sometimes annoyingly, to soften when I feel anger, causing my mind to voluntarily follow suit…eventually and against its will at times.

Vulnerability may not be what you’re looking to cultivate. And that’s okay. We’ll all have different things we need at different points in our life. The important thing is we learn to figure out what these poses and what this practice does for us, how it effects our bodies and minds…and figure out how to use it to support and empower our true selves. As I always say: the more we engage in this process on the mat, the easier it gets to do in our day to day.

This week I invite you to figure out those couple of poses that will change your life.

Hint: follow what feels good and what gets you to breathe…that will point you in the right directions. For me I have an inkling I’ll be exploring (oh shit!) deep hip openers and core strength. Keep you posted.

High five to the journey!


Jaclyn will run a Small Group Yoga Training if we can fill the 10 spaces available. Think personal training meets yoga minus the 20 chatarungas a vinyasa class typically offers. Each class will be slow and specific, allow ample time to address anatomy, alignment and questions…and cater to your specific needs and goals. This class is especially for anyone new to yoga, anyone with ailments, injuries or questions and those looking to improve mobility, agility and or strength.

Limit 10 Students. Registration is available by clicking on the “sign up & pay” button for class located on schedule page.

Supporting Kids & Young Adults with Visual or Mobility Impairment

ATH SM Grossfeld-Globe 11-2014Jaclyn RAN the 2019 Boston Marathon for Adaptive finish 2019Sports New England (a non-profit Org dedicated to increasing access to and participation in sports among kids and young adults who have a visual OR mobility impairment) to help make sure all children have the opportunity to chase their dreams, be a part of a team and have a chance to intentionally and purposefully be in their bodies.




The world is your mat 

Oct 30 – Nov 7, 2021



Wake up with the world, soak up the sun, live each day to the fullest & sleep like a baby. This is an adventure, nature & culture immersion, culinary experience and yoga retreat that will leave you recharged and full of life. Includes unforgettable Day of the Dead festivities in Mexico City.

See the Retreat & Trainings Page for more info and Registration.