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Students must register an account online with us via login/create account link at top right of Schedule Page. You may then register for classes, online or in studio (both give you access to broadcast link that appears a few minutes prior to each class). MUST BE LOGGED IN to access broadcast link or to view classes online.

Everyday yoga.

Our classes are built to empower and inspire YOU. Come as you are. Everyone & every body is welcome to practice in anything you feel comfortable moving & sweating in. We emphasize practicing yoga: building your practice and adapting the yoga postures to support your body, your day & your breath…not the other way around.

Heat level

All classes are offered in a warm to hot environment. If you like it hot hot hot then take a class with Blanca…her Mexican heritage or maybe her spending the last 26+ years as a Somerville firefighter will bring the heat! In general vinyasa classes tend to be slightly on the warmer side. Yin, restorative, calming yoga and roll & restore classes are offered with gentle heat. And Prenatal is offered without additional heat (though the room remains warm).


Vinyasa simply means to place yourself on purpose, in a special way that is moving you towards an intention/goal/better place.  The vinyasa practice incorporates breath with movement and physical postures. The physical aspect of the practice helps builds strength, alignment, mobility and better bodily function overall as well as access the rest of the 8 limbs of yoga. Including breath, which connects mind and body.


There are many styles and traditions of asana (physical postures associated with yoga) like hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa, yin, kundalini and more. And there are also 8 limbs of yoga which include asana as well as pranayama (breath work/control), pratyahara (turning inward) and Dhyana (meditation) for example. So while a more vinyasa based series of breath and movement builds the foundation of our classes as a whole, our Yoga classes will also weave in other styles, traditions and limbs to compliment the class focus.

We’ll also run classes with the main focus on introduction to the other traditional series of asana while also weaving in some of the more vinyasa based and you-focused be. in union yoga style teaching. Classes you’ll see on the schedule from time to time are:

Hatha Flow: The literal translation is Ha (energy of the “sun”) – Tha (energy of the “moon”) as well as by “force” or “will” or to “exert”. In the practice of Hatha yoga this translates to using physical exertion in difficult postures to force the mind to withdraw from the outside world in order to focus on the body and control the breath to achieve mastery of the body and mind. We’ll merge this more traditional practice with a moderate and balanced approach to using physical postures as invitations to explore the mind, body and breath in a style that still focuses on supporting what you need in each moment.

Ashtanga Flow: Ash (“eight”) Anga (“limbs”) refers to the 8 Limbs or stages Patanjali divided yoga into. The asana (physical posture) practice of Ashtanga yoga is made up of six different (Primary, Intermediate and four advanced) levels, or series, of hatha yoga postures linked by movement (vinyasa based) which are led with Sun salutations A and B and finished with the same sequence of poses. Some classes will be listed as a particular series, some will blend the series in a general ashtanga flow. All classes will introduce you to the traditional style of ashtanga and postures in a mildly less strict/rigid format while focusing on supporting what you need to support YOU, as opposed to a physical posture, within that format.

Yin Flow: Yin yoga is based around meridians, or channels of energy known as qi or chi in Chinese Medicine–akin to nadis, (energy channels) and chakras (energy centers) in yoga–and therefore targets these subtle energies of the body. It works by relaxing muscles to access connective tissue, with a little assist from gravity and props to ensure the drainage of stress from our bodies. This restorative balance in class is the focus but we’ll also add a little bit of familiar sun salutation and movement.


Our Foundations class is a slower vinyasa based class focused on the fundamentals of alignment necessary for building a strong, safe yoga practice. These classes are great for anyone at any level and are a perfect way to get started, restart or refresh.


A combination of practices and postures that aim to ease the body, mind and spirit toward a more balanced and relaxed state by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. You will be guided through gentle movement, breath work, supportive and restorative postures, imagery and mindfulness based meditation practices. Benefits of this class include: slowing your breathing and heart rate, reducing muscle tension, increasing digestion, enhancing immunity and calming brain activity. These classes will also provide practical tools for when you are feeling tired, stressed, anxious, scattered or just need some time for yourself. This class is optimal for individuals dealing with stress-related disorders and infertility.

Roll & Restore

This class will unravel patterns of tightness in your body through restorative poses and rolling, allowing for deep relaxation. Don’t own Yoga Tune Up® balls? No problem. All props are provided for IN studio classes. For those of you looking to take class via Zoom, you will need one pair of original or plus Yoga Tune Up® balls, and one alpha ball (tennis balls can be a substitute). All balls are available for purchase online or at the studio.

Power Flow

An hour-long flow that gives space for building mental and physical strength and flexibility, finding relaxation and getting all the same benefits of a 90 minute yoga class while maintaining our busy life schedules. Get in, get everything you need, get back to your day.

Slow Flow Yoga

This is an all levels vinyasa flow based class that focuses on the power of yoga to strengthen, restore, heal, and calm the mind, body and soul while encouraging the letting go of physical and emotional stress.  Sequencing may be infused with mindful awareness and/or meditation or other practices of yoga such as ashtanga, hatha, yin, or even core work.  This class is the perfect antidote to an active life.

Sunrise Yoga

Start your day off right! This is an hour long class will will awaken and energize your mid, body and soul as well as give you the physical workout you need to keep you fit for your day.

Yin Yoga/Nidra

This class journeys into the quiet, calm, cool, yin side of yoga to restore balance to our bodies, countering the heat and power of yang practice and integrates yoga nidra–a conscious state of deep sleep, or deep relaxation.  This meditative yoga will reduce everything from your headaches to anxiety, ptsd and everyday stress and bring a bit of clarity and calmness to your mind and body. This all-levels class emphasizes floor poses, extra support with bolsters and blocks and long holds for a luxurious, meditative, integrating practice at the end of a long week.

Tai Chi Essentials

Explore moving meditation as you slow down and deepen your awareness of breath, mind and body. In our Tai Chi Essentials class students are invited to focus on breath, alignment and movement through the practice of qigong and tai chi exercises. Regular practice has proven to improve cardiovascular strength, balance, flexibility and mobility; reduce stress; lower blood pressure; help relieve chronic pain; and even slow the onset of dementia. All levels are welcome. (Wear comfortable clothes you can move in, no mat or equipment needed.)

Postnatal Vinyasa

Giving birth is a real physical feat that comes with real physical consequences. Using a mix of vinyasa yoga and gentle core strengthening this class aims to rebuild all of you, mind body and soul. Feel free to bring your babies so long as they are not yet crawling. This class is taught by a fellow mom familiar with the toll it takes to give birth to and care for a baby and the process of healing and supporting her body while it still provides for her baby.

Prenatal Vinyasa

Everyone is welcome during any stage of their pregnancy. No previous yoga experience is required. Classes are designed to alleviate common ailments of pregnancy, as well as help reduce stress and steady the mind (helpful during pregnancy, birth and into parenthood).

Prenatal yoga supports a hardworking body. We take variations of postures and use props that provide support for the extra weight a person carries while pregnant; accommodate for the extra effort it takes to move and breathe during pregnancy; focus on building strength and opening through the lower body (connecting with the power of the legs and glutes, while bringing space and softness through the pelvis and front of the torso); dedicate time for supported, restorative postures to focus on the breath and make a connection with baby; we connect with each other; and we exchange information, share resources and provide community support. Sequences include repetitive motion and moving with breath like rocking, rolling and shifting to help mobilize joints and release stiffness.

Students are invited to share as little or as much of what they are experiencing week to week (what feels good, what doesn’t, what’s new, etc.).

Small Group Yoga Training

In a small group, workshop setting with hands on assists we’ll work on all the things we never get to in a regular sequence or style based class. Developing strength in transitions and smaller muscle groups; breaking down and building up to postures; supporting deep stretches, mobility and relearning body mechanics. Figure out what those poses you always take are supposed to be doing and how you’re supposed to be supporting them…while we laugh and engage together in person.

Yoga For Young Athletes

Yoga geared for middle school and high school age children aimed at building mind body awareness, stress reduction, visualization and breathing techniques, flexibility, pliability and proprioception, as well as healthy relationships with their bodies.

Private Sessions / Programs

Online or in person 60-minute or 90-minute private sessions or individualized programs provide the opportunity to work one-on-one with our teachers on any aspect of your practice.  Whether it’s recovering from injury, preparing for surgery, combating chronic stress, transforming your body, preparing for an athletic event or working with the mind…we’ll give you the tools, structure and ongoing support to help you meet your goals. Contact a teacher after class or email or to set up a private session or program.

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