Mexico City & Puerto Escondido

April 15th – 22nd, 2017

$3,750 plus air fare Price includes EMpowerment Vinyasa Yoga training, hotel/villa, transportation, entrance fees, all day excursions and activities, and meals

(Inquire for additional costs for friends or family, kids welcome!)

Early registration and booking flights with consult with Jaclyn is highly recommended.


No matter where you are, you can facilitate the changes you seek in your life, in your health, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Our first stop will be in Mexico City where we will explore the pyramids of Teotihuacan, climb into the crater of Nevado de Toluca (one of Mexico’s volcanoes) and experience the Day of the Dead.

Then we’ll hop a plane to continue our immersion into the culture , fresh food, relaxation and EMpowerment Vinyasa Yoga in the sun! …on the south pacific coast of Mexico where it is laid back and non-commercialized. Where we wake up with the world and give back to the community by contributing to the sustainability of this little paradise’s economy and helping to preserve the natural ecological wonders native to this part of the world.

Our week long retreat will include empowerment yoga practice, meditation beach walks, wonderful breakfasts of fresh juices, fruits, yogurt, and traditional Mexican fare. Day excursions are available to go horseback riding, release endangered turtles, surf, visit the bird sanctuaries or iguana and crocodile habitats, or check out the markets and local shops, experience the heat of a traditional temezcal or the natural phenomenon of one of the world’s best bioluminescence and natural waterfalls.  Friends and family may also decide to relax poolside at La Quinta Lili or Villa Lili, or hit up the beach.

Each evening we will transition with a restorative EMpowerment Vinyasa Yoga practice which may be a piece of your adventure, leaving room for all to venture out for dinner, enjoy fabulous drinks, and/or relax and enjoy and soak up the power of their experience however that shows up in the moment. Family, kids and friends are all welcome!!!


Villa/Quinta Lili received Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence in May of 2011. This hidden paradise totes everything from master suites with private Jacuzzis and sea views, wi-fi, cable tv, large swimming pools, to rustic Mexican, serene simplicity, and everything in between.  And, both are walking distance to the beach.  Local staff and owner, Adelina, create a comfort that make you feel as though it were your home.  It is an experience one should not miss!

All Empowerment vinyasa flows, workshops, and trainings will be led by Blanca and Jaci. This Re.Treat is aimed at helping every student discover stillness, their truth, and his/her own strength and potential, on and off the mat, through self-awareness, trust, and intuition. This EMVY Re.Treat will give you the time, space and opportunity to deepen your practice, awaken your intentions, and increase your mental, physical, and spiritual strength and health. Learn how to let go, open your heart, and shed your limitations.

Ultimately, the only limitations we have are those which we deliberately choose to impose upon ourselves. So come let go of your expectations and find your truth by challenging yourself to practice and to live breath to breath, moment to moment…in beautiful Mexico!

Find yourself, find your practice.

~ Journey Through Your Chakras ~
With Diane Wong & Lilly Benham
January 11–March 1, 2017

An 8-week series designed to explore the 7 major chakras, culminating in an encompassing closing session. This series will highlight our ability to understand our lives through chakra energy & awareness. A combination of asana, chanting & meditation will be used to enliven and balance the chakra system.

***Drop-ins welcome but full series purchase highly encouraged***
Cost per session: $20 Cost for full series: $140
Advance registration required: Space is limited

ALL CLASSES WILL BE HELD 6:30-8:30 PM in the Small Studio

Wednesday, January 11th
Affirmation: “I AM”

Wednesday, January 18th
Affirmation: “I FEEL”

Wednesday, January 25th
Affirmation: “I WILL”

Wednesday, February 1st
Affirmation: “I LOVE”

Wednesday, February 8th
Affirmation: “I EXPRESS”

Wednesday, February 15th
Affirmation: “I SEE”

Wednesday, February 22nd
Affirmation: “I KNOW”

Wednesday, March 1st



7:00AM – 9:00PM, $250

Looking to learn a little more about yoga and or yourself? Feeling stuck or just need a little boost or reset? Just know that an hour of yoga is great so a day of it is even better?! Come experience what it’s like to immerse yourself in yoga all day. We’ll play with poses, alignment, anatomy, assisting, teaching, acro yoga, and so much more. You’ll be provided with a training manual and we’ll provide reading materials.




Immerse yourself in the power of yoga to heal and transform. This training will teach you how to guide clients through simple yoga flows, meditations, transformations, difficult times, and the power of touch. It will also offer you applicable anatomy and assisting training and expose you to different philosophies of yoga. 50 hours.

Yoga—not just the physical asanas, but all eight limbs—is a complimentary and integral part of mental health and wellness, healing, the process of empowerment, self-sufficiency and transformation. This training can be formatted to fit large or small groups, organizations or companies and held weekdays or weekends, in either of our studios or your work space. $850 for individual registration.  Small group rates and company rates apply.

Contact for questions or more information or REGISTER NOW:


7/16 8:30am – 3:30pm, 6pm – 9pm

11/17 7:30am – 10:30am, 1pm – 8pm

7/20 6-9pm

7/21 6-9pm

7/23   6-9am, 1-4pm, 6-9pm

7/25 6-9pm

7/28 6-9pm

8/1   6-9pm

8/3   6-9pm

8/4  6-9pm

*Schedule may be adjusted with group approval

Inversions & Arm Balance Workshop

Integration into your classroom practice

Whether you have just learned to play with arm balances and inversions or have been flying for years, the question often becomes: when do I get to use them in my classroom practice? Because not all variations and modifications can be queued for each pose and because each pose is afforded a limited number of breath cycles, it is difficult to figure out when to implement all these fun and challenging poses.

Jaci & Co. will be leading an intro recap toarm balances & inversions and extended flow  to demonstrate when and where each pose can be integrated into the flow and to provide ample opportunity for students to practice coming in and out of each pose in classroom conditions. This includes jumping into and out of crow and more.  Time and attention will be spent getting into and out of poses, holding poses, and transitioning back into the class flow.  So come play with arm balances and inversions and find your new flow.


May 20th, 2016

2-4pm, $35

Start at the beginning, or begin again…..Worried you will be lost in your first yoga class? Or that your current practice is causing you injury? Or maybe you would just like a refresher of the basics. Join us as we explore step by step Sun Salutations focusing on the breath and alignment for each pose offering modifications for any limitations.

A fun and informative, hands on workshop in a slightly heated studio.


Part I: Rinsing Stuck Energy

May 21st, 2016, $35

We humans are feeling beings.  Emotions come intending to bring us valuable information and then go on their way. But often when we experience something we find painful or difficult, we don’t want to deal with the feeling. So we try to dismiss it—we get busy, push it out of our thoughts, work harder, exercise more, eat more, drink more or just pretend that it is not happening.  But our emotions want a voice.  And these buried emotions don’t go away—they linger for years and decades in our muscles, joints, stomach, psyche, auras and cause all kinds of problems, big and small.

In this workshop we’ll use intentional breath, Yin Yoga and guided meditation to find the places in our bodies where stuck emotions hide, fully feel and welcome them. And when the energy of the stuck emotion begins to subside we’ll practice techniques for allowing the constant processing and releasing of emotional energy.

Part II: Aligning with the Energy of the Universe

May 22nd, 2016, $35

We are not just our physical bodies. Our presence doesn’t end at our skin. We have an energy field all around us that we can expand using our breath and our intention.

Join Diane for a melding of Yin yoga, pranayama, chakra energy, visualization, intention and guided meditation. In this workshop we will practice expanding our energy fields and awareness while setting intentions to draw the vibrations of the universe to us, those people and events that will help us reach our full potential, as a means to hold this expanded energy state as we go about our daily activities.  With practice being aware, expanded and empowered becomes our natural way of being.



Weekends only | all levels

Love that hands-on assist you get in class? Want more? Ever thought about assisting, teacher training or  a yoga retreat? Wondered how to get more yoga in your life?

We are now offering a 34 hour Alignment/Anatomy/Assistant Training Program aimed at bringing you more into your body, more into your practice and bringing more hands on into our classes. We’ll explore anatomy, alignment, the power of touch and body awareness and the art of putting these all together in the form of Assisting.

Saturday : 6-8:30am | 9-10:30am | 1-3:30pm | 6-8pm

Sunday : 6-8:30am | 11-12:30pm | 1-3:30pm | 6-8pm

Saturday : 6-8:30am | 11-12:30pm | 1-3:30 | 6-8pm

 Sunday : 6-8:30am | 1-3:30pm | 4-5:30pm | 6-8pm

Students & teachers may apply these towards continuing education training hours.

 8 Day Super Charge

Recovery from the Holidays | Jump start your New Year!

JANUARY 4th – 11th, 2015


on line | in studio

Goal: at least one (1) yoga class each day

Each day will offer you a pose aimed at restoration, challenge or detox. We will also explore and devote one day to each of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Complimentary (to your daily practice/pose/Limb) recipes, Yoga Sutras and readings will also be provided…as will support from our teachers and other participants.

Give yourself a gift that will keep on giving.

Give your body and mind a boost that will have you kicking ass this year!

e-mail with questions

b|e.autiful Moms

Prenatal Workshop

1:00 – 2:30pm, $50 per couple

Join Monica for a prenatal workshop to prepare your body for the birth of your baby.  Use your yoga practice to open and release the body to prepare for birth. Learn breathing, visualizing, and manifesting techniques that you can use during labor and delivery.  Harness the power of your vocals, your breath, and your yoga to bring more strength and stamina for your big day!  Bring your mat for a prenatal yoga flow focusing on hip opening and releasing the fears and misconceptions associated with birth. We will finish the workshop with yoga nidra and a long savasana.



(w/ jaci & Assistants)

You  do not need to bring your partner for this workshop. And, it is open to everybody. Come Fly with jaci & blanca! Bring friends, bring a loved one, or snag someone from the workshop—don’t be shy! We will be learning the foundations of acro yoga, re-enforce the strength in alignment, with options to play with different levels of typical acro yoga poses.  You will be safely supported (and pleasantly surprised by your untapped strength) and per usual, and most importantly we will have a whole lot of fun.

We will explore everything from stacking human planks to flying people in ragdoll to flying them upside down in wheel and more…



(w/jaci & blanca)

You also do not need to bring your “partner” or friend or anyone at all…this workshop is open to everybody, new or seasoned, so come join us! We will be learning to pair breath and movement, the power of touch through assisting, and some acro yoga as well to help re-enforce the strength in alignment…and we will still have a whole lot of fun :)

Arm Balance & Inversion Workshop




FEAR is the number one reason for not attempting arm balances or inversions.*

FEAR is a learned response.


Contrary to popular belief, arm balances and inversions have less to do with strength and flexibility and more to do with finding proper alignment, integrating core strength, and of course a willingness to fall and be fearless.  We will be there to assist each student, brand new or seasoned, every step of the way, ensuring that each student is properly prepared, aligned, protected, and supported, by exploring how to safely enter, hold, and release each one.  We will introduce working with blocks and straps for building strength and stability in inversions.

While students will learn the technical foundations of arm balances and inversions and the tools to improve them, our focus will also be on making these poses fun and accessible.  So if you have ever had any interest in learning an arm balance or inversion, come play!  Join Jaci and Blanca in what promises to be a truly amazing fun workshop.

Come build your practice, build your confidence, and help build our community.  The farthest you will fall is the floor.

This workshop is appropriate for all levels.

*Other than injury



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