All of our classes at b|e. are founded on the notion of empowerment. All classes are all levels, designed for every|body, whether you’ve never practiced or have practiced for eons.  Emphasis is given to practicing yoga: building your practice and adapting the yoga postures to your body, not adapting your body to the yoga postures. Yoga is about YOU. We invite students to really own and feel empowered by their practice.

Heat level

Most classes are offered in a warm environment.  While the temperature generally runs between 85 and 95 degrees, some classes vary depending on the teacher and needs of the students. Hot summer days for example may invite windows open for a nice cool breeze. Regardless, we try to maintain a healthy level of humidity to ensure the body’s/skin’s natural balance as well as to encourage one of the human body’s best heat regulating and detoxifying functions: sweating.


b|e. in Union yoga vinyasa is EMpowerment Vinyasa Yoga (EMVY).

Vinyasa simply means incorporating breath with movement. The physical aspect of the practice helps builds strength, muscle length, alignment, mobility, and better bodily function overall. The physical asanas are tools to access the yoga–less stress is placed on the heat or the power aspect of the practice and more focus is placed on using the asanas and movement to breathe, to build awareness and connection to your mind and body.  


Consider this class your weekly new years resolution/intention reset. Each class will be designed to invite you out of your comfort zone, offer opportunity to redefine|re-find|refine your practice and challenge you in different ways.

Sunrise Yoga

Start your day off right! This is an hour long class will give you the physical workout you need to keep you fit for your day and is aimed at awakening and energizing your mind, body and soul.


Our Foundations class is a slower vinyasa based class focused on the fundamentals of alignment necessary for building a strong, safe yoga practice.

Power Flow

An hour-long flow that gives space for building mental and physical strength and flexibility, finding relaxation and getting all the same benefits of a 90 minute yoga class while maintaining our busy life schedules. Get in, get everything you need, get back to your day.

Restorative Vinyasa

Focused on flowing motion of vinyasa yoga with the grounding stillness and silence of yin yoga. Expect pranayama, meditation and a gentle, slow and restorative flow,  postures supported by bolsters and props and a long savasana.


Whether your donation is a few dollars, flowers, helping to clean the studio or some other kind of donation…our commitment to the community is to make yoga accessible to everyone and to keep prices as low as possible while keeping the studio sustainable and still being able to offer this class as donation based. All proceeds go towards the studio–toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, cleaning supplies, etc. Open class for all levels.  Mat, towel, water costs still apply.

Just Yoga

This is an all levels vinyasa flow based class that focuses on the power of yoga to strengthen, restore, heal, and calm the mind, body and soul while encouraging the letting go of physical and emotional stress.  Sequencing may be infused with mindful awareness and/or meditation or other practices of yoga such as ashtanga, hatha, yin, or even core work.  This class is the perfect antidote to an active life and balances a more vigorous asana practice.

Bump Your Flow

Using music as a powerful meditative tool allows us to transcend the chaos of the external world, to get out of our heads and just do. Using an eclectic mix of acoustic, 80′s, R&R and who knows what else, at a bare minimum it’s sure to be fun and uplifting! Come and breathe to the beat.

Core & Restore

This all levels class, especially great for beginners, starts out with some breath work, meditation and grounding. Then the party starts! Using a mix of Pilates, Vinyasa, and core strengthening this class aims to build all of those yoga muscles and bandhas, or “locks”, in a balanced, fun and invigorating way. The class concludes with gentle opening, restorative poses to cool down after all that hard work.


Go beyond the physical experience.  Transformation happens when you stop trying. The focus of this class is to use the elements of the physical practice to turn our attention inward, to clearly see our habitual patterns, the fluctuations of the mind, so see what we cling to, our perceptions, deceptions, how we relate to the world around us. We’ll work to bring our mind, body and breath into alignment and let go of all effort so we can truly begin to live our yoga authentically and unveil and connect to our unique, true self.

Yin Yoga/Nidra

This class journeys into the quiet, calm, cool, “yin” side of yoga to restore balance to our bodies, countering the heat and power of “yang” practice and integrates yoga nidra–a conscious state of deep sleep, or deep relaxation.  This meditative yoga will reduce everything from your headaches to anxiety, ptsd and everyday stress and bring a bit of clarity and calmness to your mind and body. This all-levels class emphasizes floor poses, extra support with bolsters and blocks and long holds for a luxurious, meditative, integrating practice at the end of a long week.


Whether you are a new mom or mom to be, this is your yoga.  Monica, our pre-natal certified teacher, will be teaching a no-heat (room will still be warm) slow, gentle vinyasa flow aimed at providing breath, movement and alleviating known stresses and uncomfortable and sometimes painful conditions/side effects of being a new mom or carrying a child…not to mention giving birth! There will be space provided at the end of class for discussion, support or just a few extra minutes of sanity. Partners, midwives, doulas, friends, and everybody else (pregnant or parent or not) is welcome. No day care? No Problem!  Or, simply want to practice with your baby?  Bring your baby/babies with you…children who can not yet walk are welcome.

Small Group Yoga Training

Love Yoga and the after effects?? But also trying to squeeze in a “workout” or strength training? Well drop the weights! We carry enough as it is. Besides, most of us aren’t looking to dead lift 400 pounds in our workday or day to day. This is a 1 hour Small Group Yoga Training class aimed at strengthening our core, muscles and joints and increasing flexibility and agility.  You’ll still get that savasana high, but you’ll also get your ass kicked.

All levels. As you will be using your body, you will work at your level and all principals of yoga still apply! Pre-registration REQUIRED

Private Sessions

60-minute and 90-minute private sessions provide the opportunity to work one-on-one with our teachers on any aspect of your practice.   Contact a teacher after class or via email to set up a private session.

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