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Weekends only | all levels

Love that hands-on assist you get in class? Want more? Ever thought about assisting, teacher training or  a yoga retreat? Wondered how to get more yoga in your life?

We are now offering a 34 hour Assistant Training Program aimed at bringing you more into your body, more into your practice and bringing more hands on into our classes. We’ll explore anatomy, alignment, the power of touch and body awareness and the art of putting these all together in the form of Assisting.

Saturday January 17th: 6-8:30am | 9-10:30am | 1-3:30pm | 6-8pm

Sunday January 18th: 6-8:30am | 11-12:30pm | 1-3:30pm | 6-8pm

Saturday January 24th: 6-8:30am | 11-12:30pm | 1-3:30 | 6-8pm

 Sunday January 25th: 6-8:30am | 1-3:30pm | 4-5:30pm | 6-8pm

Students & teachers may apply these towards continuing education training hours.


Puerto Escondido, Mexico

April 18-25th, 2015

Come join us for a week of immersion into the sun, Mexican culture and its people, fresh food, relaxation and EMpowerment Vinyasa Yoga (EMVY) literally on the south pacific coast of Mexico. Start each morning on the beach at sunrise (7:30/8am), enjoy an EMpowerment Vivayasa flow followed by fresh fruits and phenomenal Mexican fare prepared especially for you, day excursions and more.

This re.treat will give you the time, space and opportunity to find stillness, deepen your practice, and awaken your intentions.

Start Living your practice.

See Trainings Page for details. Early registration and booking flights is highly recommended. email jaclyn@beinunion for details and questions.


Recovery from the Holidays or Jump start your New Year!

JANUARY 4th – 11th, 2015

Each day will offer you a pose aimed at restoration, challenge or detox. We will also explore and devote one day to each of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Complimentary (to your daily practice/pose/Limb) recipes, Yoga Sutras and readings will also be provided…as will support from our teachers and other participants.

Give your body and mind a boost that will have you kicking ass this year!!

****Register on Trainings Page****


September – November, 2015

200 hr Yoga Alliance Certification

“When I think back, I can’t even remember the person I was before this training”-Emily

Ever wonder how life, your work, your job, your love could feel as good as savasana or as empowering as your practice?

Life is yoga | Start living your practice.

In this training you will learn how to bridge the gap between what you feel and how you move on your mat, and how you feel and how you move through your life.  Learn the fine craft of weaving your everyday life into your yoga practice and conversely, applying the yoga on your mat to your everyday life.

See Teacher Training page for details including schedule or email


be. in Union Yoga is EMVY
(EMpowerment Vinyasa Yoga)

Vinyasa simply means incorporating breath with movement.  be. in Union yoga is Vinyasa based, but philosophically, we at be. believe that there is a significant difference between “power” and “empower(ment).”  Therefore, less stress is placed on the heat or the “power” aspect of this yoga practice.  Our intention is on making students really own and feel empowered by their practice, in every sense of the word.  We’re simply trying to get the message out that yoga is about YOU.

All of our classes at be. are founded on the notion of empowerment.     All EMVY classes are All Levels classes.