60 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE SEPT 11th – NOV 5th, 2017

8 Limbs of Yoga|8 Weeks of Yoga.

Let your New Year’s resolution start now. We’ll work our way through the 8 Limbs of Yoga week by week. You’ll get an unlimited pass so you can practice each day. Daily emails will provide your focus and motivation. Example: Mondays will be a workshop/class with your favorite teacher (blanca, jaclyn, Tegan, Janelle, Norm and more); Tuesdays the philosophy of yoga; Wednesdays the asanas (physical practice); Thursdays “assigned” readings and workbook; Friday recipe ideas from all countries, all diets; Saturday an hour of AMA time (Ask Me Anything time with your favorite teachers); Sunday Meditation & Integration.

Discounts: Sign up before August 15th for only $450, by August 25th for $500.

Registration is $550 on or after August 26th.

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