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Are you tired of being tired and not getting what you want?

Jaclyn here. Are you tired of being tired or not getting exactly what you want in your life? Me too! And it seems the answer is always adding more to get where I want to go and what seems like an insurmountable amount of energy. Until now…that I’ve signed up to run the Boston Marathon this April for a nonprofit group Team with a Vision.No, I don’t usually run anything except errands or when chased. And, I may have to pencil roll and skip and crawl the 26.2 miles. But, it got me thinking and on a new rampage of ME and YOU (so please read).Spending the first 20+ years of my life becoming/being a division 1 athlete set me up for success in many ways. It taught me to follow my dreams, to know anything is possible if I work for it, to work through pain & exhaustion. It prepared me for motherhood (aka rewarding and unimaginable exhaustion), gave me the courage to be me, to open businesses and take chances on new (ad)ventures. But it also set me up for failure…

It seems counter intuitive, but what I was lacking and so desperately needed was “rest”—which is when your body and mind actually recover, rebuild and integrate. It wasn’t until I found yoga that I began to learn how to rest, how to restore. And even then it has taken me almost another 20 years to give myself permission to rest. It’s when we rest, when we surrender, that the universe takes over—literally, the rest of the world continues and does not come to a screeching halt just because we decided to stop—and we allow all of our hard work to manifest itself. Sound like bullshit? It isn’t…

When we rest a relaxation response is triggered that balances our parasympatheic and sympathetic nervous system, causes serotonin to be released, brain waves and thought duration to slow, structures in our brain to change, our bodily systems to restore &
regenerate, and emotional integration and release to occur. When we reach this state we wake more peaceful, we feel more gratitude and less overwhelmed by life, less apt to kill people and more ready to kick ass. But, true rest isn’t just sleep
Often our sleep can be unrestful, disturbed, anxiety provoking or elusive altogether. Rest is allowing our body and brain to reach different stages of awareness and consciousness. But given the extreme overload of information, work, activity, care taking and stress we experience on a daily basis it’s rare we’re able to rest—to reconnect, de-stress, and to do so mindfully at that. In fact, many times we do the opposite—watch tv, go out for drinks, work out, etc. (all harmless and even positive things)—which inadvertantly increase the damage to our bodies and or add more stimulation to our exhausted brains. This very real deprivation leaves us waking up tired, sometimes overweight, over worked, overwhelmed…and un-energized, unmotivated to align our actions with our intentions which is how we actually get what we truly want in our lives. So how do we get rest?
The answer is yogaand savasana. The physical asanas give you time to rinse out all the crap from your day, spend time connecting and integrating physically, mentally and emotionally and prepare your mind and body to be able to rest. So one component is the mindful use of, and connection to, your mind, body and emotions (and breath). The second is then taking the rest filled with awareness and connection, the savasana, that allows your mind to work into deeper stages of consciousness, regeneration and restoration. The more we practice yoga and take savasana–the more we practice rest–the more able we are to seek, find and take rest in our day to day life. This is the most important piece…actually implementing rest in our day to day. Seem too simple? It’s not…
When my exhausted, overweight, overstressed, overwhelmed self unearthed a spark of uncontrollable energy to scream YES when asked by one of you students if I’d run the Boston Marathon and raise $7,500 I was, let’s be honest, in shock and afraid. Afraid I couldn’t raise $7,500 and afraid because my mind said: “I can’t”, “I don’t even run”, “I am out of shape” and “I’m soooooo exhausted”…“how am I ever going to have or create the energy necessary to do this?”. And yes, even after all these years of yoga and teaching it, I’m still human. So the first thing I did to start my training regimen?
I committed to taking better care of myself. I slept few minutes more. I took cat naps whenever possible. I built in quiet moments during the day. I made myself go take 4-5 yoga classes a week even if I only had an hour as opposed to doing much of my practice at home or at the studio during off hours—I tapped into our community, our collective energy. I got very serious about savasana. Because even a few minutes of it each day is enough to make astronomical changes in your mind and body to make you feel human and to make things feel possible. But what if I fail?
I concretely know it’s not necessarily marathons or running I want in my life. It’s the energy. It’s the ability to take on the impossible. It’s the fire under my ass and the accountability. It’s living to my true and ever expanding potential that I need to get back to. So if I have to pencil roll across that damn finish line in April, I will not have failed.
Because you might need the fire, because you too may be overwhelmed, over stressed, over weight, over exhausted…because I know the how is not easy but so simple…I’m inviting you all to join me in this very scary endeavor of getting back to being our best self.
In this endeavor we will let our desire for what we want be greater than our fears. We will take rest and trust that what we focus on, our energy, and that of the universe, will follow. And we will drag our ass to yoga at least a few times a week and take savasana as seriously as we take every other pose. Which is why Blanca and I are promoting savasana for the holidays as opposed to some sale. We’re worth it, you’re worth it. Extended savasana with weighted and lavender scented eye pillows, essential oils, massage, aroma therapy and more.
Certainly any class will do and restorative vinyasa and yin/nidra would be great compliments, Foundations always a great home base and reminder, but if you’d like to join me, I’m now teaching Mondays 9:30-10:30am, Tuesdays 4:30-5:30pm & 6:00-7:00pm, Wednesdays 6:30-7:30am & 9:30-10:30am, Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm and Sundays 4:00-5:00pm. Blanca & I are co-teaching Thursday Dec 7th, Jan 4th and Feb 1st 6:00-7:30pm.
Take the plunge! Take more yoga & savasana. And maybe take on some challenge—whether it’s to spend more time on you or with your family, to find that perfect job, or some crazy ass event. b|e. has your back and so does the universe!
And p.s….if you’d like to help out by donating (see, join me on a run or come cheer (or scrape me off the finish line in April, please do!
Wishing you a safe, wonderful and kick ass holiday season,
jaclyn (& blanca & our b|e. team too)


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