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Coming soon to b|e. : Union Waters & Body Works

So…to combo (y)our yoga studio b|e. is opening a heat & water therapies SPA!!! We purchased space in our bldg in May (Woo hoo!/barf!) to make this happen. Now inviting you to help fund the build out of (y)our soon to be spa!

Donate & get your first visit (steam/sauna/tubs on us) $100
Help fund your spa and get a pass to enjoy the spa’s open & wet area tubs, steam, sauna and showers.…

Unlimited Spa Day $500
Get unlimited access to the spa all day and enjoy a spa treatment of your choice.…

Unlimited Annual Spa Pass $10,000
Get unlimited access to the spa (steam, sauna, tubs, showers) plus one spa treatment of your choice each month. Cut & Paste in browser:…

Your Spa for the Day $5,000
It’s your private day at the Spa with 8 of your friends, family, co-workers or just yourself. Enjoy the steam, saunas, tubs, showers and 1 spa treatment each. Book in advance any day after opening 12pm – 5pm and it’s yours.…

Unlimited Spa Month $1,000
Get unlimited access to the spa (steam, sauna, tubs, showers) and one spa treatment of your choice.…



September 9th – December 3rd, 2017

200 hr Yoga Alliance Certification weekends only

“When I think back, I can’t even remember the person I was before this training”-Emily

Ever wonder how life, your work, your job, your love could feel like savasana or as empowering as your practice? In this training you will learn how to bridge the gap between what you feel and how you move on your mat, and how you feel and how you move through your life.

See Teacher Training page for registration and details including schedule or email


be. in Union Yoga is EMVY
(EMpowerment Vinyasa Yoga)

Yoga is about YOU. Vinyasa simply means incorporating breath with movement. The physical aspect of the practice helps builds strength, muscle length, alignment, mobility, and better bodily function overall. But the physical asanas are tools–less stress is placed on the heat or the “power” aspect of the practice, and more focus is placed on using the asanas and movement to breathe and to build awareness and connection to your mind and body.  We invite students to really own and feel empowered by their practice. 

All of our classes at be. are founded on the notion of empowerment. All classes are all levels, designed for every|body, whether you’ve never practiced or have practiced for eons.  Emphasis is given to practicing yoga: building your practice and adapting the yoga postures to your body, not adapting your body to the yoga postures.